We promise the best in PTFE thread seal tape, service, and customization. And our track record shows we back up those pretty words with solid results.

Quality Assurance

Our business culture is founded on doing a great job, checking over our work, and having a little fun along the way. We honestly believe you can’t find a thread seal tape manufacturer who produces the same high quality tape and treats their customers as well as we do.

We are able to produce such consistently great tape because of our attention to detail, relationship with customers, and thorough quality assurance checks. Teamwork may seem an overused expression, but at Taega it is a way of life. Everyone assumes responsibility for making sure our customers are thrilled.

While we’re not as big some other tape manufacturers, we like to think we’re just the right size — big enough to make all the tape we want, but not so big that we don’t know our customers’ names and individual requirements.


Spooling PTFE Thread Seal TapeThis is where it all starts. By producing our spools in-house we control quality and cost from the very first step. Since firing up our first injection molding line in 2006, the variety of our spool sizes, configurations and colors have multiplied. And so, consequently, has our capacity. We now have customers who don’t need our tape, but love our spools.


PTFE Thread Sealant Tape LabelingAlthough our PTFE  thread seal tape goes by TaegaSeal at home, our clients sometimes require other labeling options. Whether you need a “generic” label or one with some personal branding, TaegaTech is happy to create custom labels to meet your needs.

Custom TaegaTech labels can include your company name, custom graphics, product information, bar codes — really anything you need to make that roll of tape your own.


PTFE Thread Seal Tape Winding

Every step in our process is critical, but winding is truly at the core. Our machines are equipped with custom designed blades to insure clean edges, state of the art tracking to insure a straight and firm roll, and all the electronic controls necessary to dial in accurate widths and lengths. Quality is essential, but productivity is pretty important too. Our people and our equipment deliver the whole package.


Generic PTFE Tape Packaging

Once your tape is wound, cut, labeled, and checked, it’s ready to be packaged and shipped to your shop. Our variety of custom package solutions goes beyond labeling to include in-house design and bundling services to configure our tapes so they can be most usefully stored, sold, shipped, and used.

Whether you need a point of purchase display box, poly-sleeve or bulk packaging, TaegaTech can offer a custom, cost-effective solution for your every packaging need.

  • "TaegaSeal Tapes have been independently tested and approved in systems exceeding 10,000 psi."
  • "Density, not thickness, is the main difference between TaegaSeal grades. All grades are quite similar in thickness."
  • "All TaegaSeal tapes meet the stringent test requirements to be listed by Underwriter’s Laboratories."
  • "TaegaSeal tapes are produced from 100% U.S. made PFOA free PTFE resin."