About Us

EricIn 2003, Eric Kevorkian and Todd Fredette set off on a great adventure. They were determined to escape the Big Company culture and build an efficient, adaptable company capable of responding quickly to customer’s needs and changing market conditions. Naturally, they wanted to name their company Todd and Eric’s Great Adventure, but settled on Taega as a confusing alternative. After ten years, it is safe to say that their approach has succeeded. While the company has grown and the product line has expanded beyond just tape, Taega remains focused on building relationships with our customers, fast turnaround and offering a wide range of product customization. Todd has moved on to other ventures, but still calls from time to time to remind us that he is the “T” in Taega.

Taega Technologies manufactures and markets the widest diversity of PTFE tape made in the US, moldable valve-stem packing, and durable polystyrene spools and shells. Our capabilities include custom product labeling and packaging, EAS security tag application, and ultrasonic welding.

KathrineSethWhen you call you will most likely speak to Kathy, our customer service manager, or Seth, our operations manager. Together, Kathy and Seth maintain Taega’s “Yeah, we can do that.” culture of customer focus where new ideas are welcome and everyone participates in creating the products that meet your particular needs.


  • "TaegaSeal Tapes have been independently tested and approved in systems exceeding 10,000 psi."
  • "Density, not thickness, is the main difference between TaegaSeal grades. All grades are quite similar in thickness."
  • "All TaegaSeal tapes meet the stringent test requirements to be listed by Underwriter’s Laboratories."
  • "TaegaSeal tapes are produced from 100% U.S. made PFOA free PTFE resin."